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Package plugin-node-modules


This plugin adds support for installing packages through a node_modules folder.


This plugin is included by default in Yarn 2, but is still considered experimental. For this reason, you must enable it manually by adding the following to your .yarnrc.yml file:

nodeLinker: node-modules

Word of caution

While they are supported by virtually every tool, installs using the node_modules strategy have various fundamental issues that the default Plug'n'Play installations don't suffer from (for more details, check out our documentation). Carefully consider the pros and cons before enabling this plugin.

Known issues

  • A same package / reference combination present multiple times within the same node_modules dependency tree will have issues calling yarn run from within its postinstall scripts. This is because this plugin is able to extract the package locator from the current cwd, but since a same locator may be found in multiple places it's not possible to convert it back from the locator to its location on the disk.



Object literals


Const getPnpPath

  • getPnpPath(project: Project): string & object

Object literals

Const plugin

plugin: object


linkers: (NodeModulesLinker | PnpLooseLinker)[] = [NodeModulesLinker,PnpLooseLinker,]

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