Important: This documentation covers Yarn 2. For the 1.x doc, check
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yarn set resolution

Enforce a package resolution.


$> yarn set resolution [-s,--save] <descriptor> <resolution>


Force all instances of lodash@^1.2.3 to resolve to 1.5.0 :

yarn set resolution lodash@^1.2.3 1.5.0


This command updates the resolution table so that descriptor is resolved by resolution.

Note that by default this command only affect the current resolution table - meaning that this "manual override" will disappear if you remove the lockfile, or if the package disappear from the table. If you wish to make the enforced resolution persist whatever happens, add the -s,--save flag which will also edit the resolutions field from your top-level manifest.

Note that no attempt is made at validating that resolution is a valid resolution entry for descriptor.